C.A.R.E.S: Children At Risk Educational & Emotional Supporters. This is comprised of mentors, community organizations, and schools, and parents working together to ensure the stability of our children's education future and ensure their emotional stability, more specifically children with diagnosed disabilities, non-diagnosed disabilities, and those who are designated ESE. CARES partner with schools to ensure that we close the pipeline to prison which is gradually enlarging itself for our children with disabilities.

M.A.P.: Mothers After Prisonsm: MAP is a registered service of Water for the Journey, Inc., that helps successfully route mothers back home, who are being or have been released from prison. We partner with mothers during their journey.  We are Life-Coaches and Career Advisors. We partner to assist in self-sufficiency areas, including available benefits, re-integration with family and their children when the law allows, homelessness, unemployment, addictions, and skill finding and retaining legal and viable careers.

AFTER 12: Offers support to Juniors and Seniors as they prepare to transition to College or Career

I WAIT: A campaign that encourages young people to be a child before having one.