"Your reaching your divine destiny will be determined by your decisions..."

-Willie Dawkins-Miller
How often  do you find yourself going back and forth to wells of places, things, people and emotions that give you temporary gratification?

Then when your decisions in life throws you into a desert place, back to the well you go with your water pots.  I have learned that running to earthly wells will never satisfy us.  We will run dry long before earthly wells ever do. They will only fill up water pots for us to carry back and forth; pots we were never intended to carry...

Water for the Journey


Though you may have made some mistakes in life, know this... You are not in trouble. You are in transition...

Keep moving without the water pots of your past!   And build from the equity in it!

- Willie Dawkins Miller

iE - iDentity Equity (sm)

An Inspiration from Willie Dawkins-Miller

"Your decisions will determine your destiny. No one really knows why the woman at the well in John 4:28 left her water pot, but we do know that her leaving it gave  her a fresh start without weight.

 Today your decision to move forward without the spiritual weight of  water pots will get you to your destiny.  Your destination will be the results of your decision to travel light  and leave the unnecessary weight of water pots behind.